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13 Transforming Truths

The 13 Transforming Truths This paper written by Darrow Miller was originally titled “The Development Ethic” and first published in 1887/88 under the title “The Development Ethic...

[Video] Why does the DNA focus on worldview?

Watch this video to see why worldview is so important and to find out how the DNA can help you understand and apply the biblical worldview to every area of your life. Visit to begin your...

The 12 Words Project

12 Words Project Flyer The post The 12 Words Project appeared first on Disciple Nations Alliance.

2017 Annual Report

See how God used the DNA in 2017 by reading our Annual Report! Download PDF The post 2017 Annual Report appeared first on Disciple Nations Alliance.

Romans 1: Ancient Message for the 21st Century

Paganism, with its corruption of human sexuality, is an ancient religion. The Jews confronted it in Canaan, and the Christian gospel encountered and challenged it all over Europe. In fact, the...

[Video] School vs. Education: The Difference Matters

Darrow Miller, one of DNA’s co-founders, describes his blog— “Darrow Miller and Friends”—as his “humble attempt to use the written word to create a space for readers to reflect deeply on important...

Redemptive Agriculture: Working the Land God Entrusted to Us

“Redemptive Agriculture: Working the Land God Entrusted to Us” is a curriculum developed by David Evans and produced by Food for the Hungry, Inc. It has been developed as a “script” for trainers and...

Ten Biblical Principles for Agricultural Development

“Ten Biblical Principles for Agricultural Development”, by David Evans, is an effort to help people involved in agriculture around the world to better understand the role that they are called to play...

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