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School vs Education

In September 2013 Darrow Miller published a blog post—”School vs. Education: The Difference Matters”—that immediately...

Living Faithfully in a Post Christian Culture: Getting Your Head on Straight

In this series, we’re exploring the question: How do we live faithfully in a post-Christian culture? By “post-Christian” I...

How Not to Respond to an Increasingly Hostile, Post-Christian Culture

As I wrote in my last post, Bible-believing Christians in America and throughout the West are waking up to the reality that they truly do live in an increasingly hostile, post-Christian culture. As I...

Turbulent Waters Ahead

“Stop Being Shocked” is a must-read article by Bari Weiss, recently published at Tablet. Weiss is a former opinion editor...

Getting Justice Just Right: A review by Bob Osburn

Bob Osburn of The Wilberforce Academy recently published a review of my new book Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice...

Tim Challies Reviews Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice

I’m grateful to Tim Challies for taking time to review Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice. Tim is a popular...

A Dialogue on Racism and Christian Racial Reconciliation Final Reply from Dennae

Scott, I (Dennae) write this final installment, alone. I affirm everything Andrew and I have written together up to this point, but now I want to write as one city leader to another. I care about...

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