Coram Deo is easy to use.

Study lessons at your own pace,

or interact with others in a class.



Sign up individually or as a group
Our courses are flexible by design, allowing individuals to study on their own, or for groups from churches, schools, organizations, or neighborhoods to learn together. Either way, it’s free to sign up.



Complete weekly lessons online
Using our web-based learning platform, each week you will be stretched in your understanding of what it means to contribute to the healing and flourishing of the nations. You will also have the opportunity to put what you’re learning into practice.



Interact with facilitator and others
Coram Deo’s certified facilitators will be available provide helpful input and guidance on the course's subject matter. To maximize the learning potential of the course, we encourage all students to actively engage in online conversations with the course facilitator and fellow students.



Earn a certificate of completion
After completing your weekly coursework, students may choose to pursue certification by taking an optional test. Those who receive the certificate of completion become eligible to serve as facilitators for the course.



Set-Up and Facilitate Your Own Class
Once you’ve passed the certification exam, it’s easy to set up and facilitate your own class with your friends, co-workers, or members of your church. A Class Facilitator's Guideline will help you effectively guide others through the course.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What courses are offered?

    Basics: This is the ‘flagship’ course of the DNA and focuses on: The Kingdom of God, God's plan to redeem all things, the power of truth for transformation, Biblical worldview, and wholistic ministry. The purpose is to help Christians rediscover and live out God's purposes in all areas of life and culture. It emphasizes practical understanding and immediate application.

    Monday Church: This course explores how vocation has the potential to radically reorder our lives. Whatever your work or vocation, God calls you to a new way of living – fully in His presence and for His glory. Monday Church will provide a biblical framework for each of us to establish a meaningful, integrated understanding of our life and work.

  2. How long is the course?

    Basics: This course is offered in 12 lessons which you complete online, normally at a pace of one lesson per week (you may go faster or slower, if you wish).

    Monday Church: This course is offered in 10 lessons which you complete online, normally at a pace of one lesson per week.In addition there are 4 additional optional lessons focused on specific vocations.

  3. What makes up a lesson?

    Basics: Each lesson includes a brief introductory video, three or four short teaching videos with a discussion question for each, a reading, an application, a quiz that automatically scores and, for going deeper, a list of additional articles and items to read or watch. In addition, you will see that some of the lessons are designed as labs in which you analyze and apply what you learned from previous lessons.

    Monday Church: Each lesson includes two short teaching videos, discussion questions, a quiz, story videos, and a going deeper section which includes thought leader interviews.

  4. How long does it take to complete a lesson?

    Basics: It takes about two hours to complete each lesson.

    Monday Church: It takes about one hour and fifteen minutes to complete each lesson.

  5. What does it cost?

    Both courses are offered at no charge. There is a fee, however, for taking the certification exam and getting certified to facilitate The Basics Course or Monday Church on your own.

  6. How do I get started?

    It’s easy! Go to the sign-up page and there you have a choice as to how you can take the course.

    1. One, you can begin now and study the lessons at your own pace. When you choose this option, you can access the lesson content immediately, working through it on your own schedule.

    2. Two, you can join a scheduled online class and interact with others in your class who are going through the lessons on the same schedule. The advantage is you get to know others who are going through the lessons at the same time. You get to interact with them over discussion questions and learn from each other. You can ask questions of the class facilitator.

      You can join a scheduled class hosted by the Coram Deo School that is open to all persons from around the world, working through one lesson per week.

      Or, if you are certified, you can set up your own class for members of your church, organization or small group. In this case, you will receive a registration code that your group participants will need to enter upon sign-up in order to access this specific class.

  7. What does it mean to be certified? What is the benefit?

    In the final lesson, students have the option of taking the certification exam. Passing this exam allows a person to set up his/her own class and take his/her friends, co-workers or small-group members through the course.

    The exam is made up of questions selected from all of the quizzes. You must answer 80% correct to earn a certificate.

    There is a small fee for taking the certification exam which you conveniently pay online.

  8. What if I do not pass the certification exam?

    You can take this exam as many times as you like. However, you have to pay the fee each time you retake the exam.

  9. Will others see my quiz or exam answers or results?

    No, only you will see your quiz answers or exam results.

  10. What if I start on the self-study program and then want to join a class mid-way?

    The school administrator can change your registration status. Just contact him at

  11. If I give my email address, will I be put on a mailing list?

    We would like to send you the DNA Newsletter and we also may periodically send you news about new course offerings and resources, but you can unsubscribe from getting even these whenever you wish.

  12. How does the Coram Deo Facebook community work?

    This is an online community and repository for people to post videos, share photos and tell stories of how the course has impacted them and how application of the material is making a difference in their personal lives, families, work, church, and community.

  13. How does the Resource page function?

    On the Resource page, you can access teaching videos and reading selections used in The Coram Deo Courses. In addition, you can access other related papers and articles, free online books, the Darrow Miller and Friends blog and much more available from the Disciple Nations Alliance.

  14. Why should I sign up for the e-newsletter?

    Our e-newsletter will give you latest news about people who are applying and sharing the Disciple Nations Alliance content and impacting others around the world. It also has announcements about upcoming DNA events worldwide.

  15. What if I have more questions?

    Please feel free to contact us at