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The Remarkable Role of the Bible in Early American Education

The Bible profoundly affected the practice of education in colonial America, from grammar school through university studies. Dr. Youmans’ excellent treatment of the subject includes elaboration of the...

What’s the Big Deal about Corruption?

There often is a practical disconnect between worldview theory and application. For example, how do we apply the Biblical worldview to the problem of corruption? This article looks at this topic and...

What Is a “Biblical Worldview”?

Disciple Nations Alliance president Scott Allen unpacks what we mean when we say “biblical worldview” and why this concept is so important for the Church to grasp. The post What Is a...

Uganda Vision Conf Training for University Students – Leaders Manual

TNA Contextualised Trainers Manual The post Uganda Vision Conf Training for University Students – Leaders Manual appeared first on Disciple Nations Alliance.

Uganda Vision Conference Training for University Students

Uganda Youth Vision Conference Manual Edited 2015 The post Uganda Vision Conference Training for University Students appeared first on Disciple Nations Alliance.

A Wasteland Transformed to a Garden: The Mennonite Settlers of the Gran Chaco of Paraguay

The story of the Mennonite colonists who settled in a harsh region of Paraguay powerfully demonstrates how God enables humans to use their own imagination, courage, and hard work to transform...

[PDF] The Great Liberal Death Wish

Malcolm Muggeridge, a professed atheist and communist who turned to Christ, wrote this profound essay on liberalism, its roots in atheism, and the kind of behavior it produces in its advocates. The...

[PDF] Toward a More Effective Great Commission Strategy

Jesus sent us to “make disciples of all nations.” But our track record suggests we are, rather, seeking to “win as many converts as you can.” The results? A superficial Christianity and nations...

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"FIGHT AGAINST IT We are to fight against hunger and poverty. The Church is to fight against it. This is part of why God has created the Church – to stand against the consequences of the Fall – to bring reconciliation and redemption! LUCHAR CONTRA ELLA Tenemos que luchar contra el hambre y la pobreza. La iglesia está para luchar contra ella. Esto es parte del porque Dios ha creado la iglesia, para enfrentar a las consecuencias de la caída – traer reconciliación y redención! Darrow Miller"

- ,   October 21, 2017

"LA NATURALEZA DE LA IGLESIA La iglesia es la única sociedad en la tierra que existe para el beneficio de los que no son sus miembros. William temple La iglesia no existe para sí misma, fuimos llamados porque existimos para otros, quienes estan esperandonos, para que estemos afuera ministrandolos, demostrando el amor de Dios, en los lugares destruidos y en las vidas quebrantadas"

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